Terms & Condition

Rules of Refund

An application for refund would be processed as per following parameters:-

  • 1. Request for refund, if any, is to be made within 15 days of admission or commencement of classes, whichever is earlier.
  • 2. In case a request is made within the said stipulated period, the candidate shall be entitled for a refund of 80% of the tuition fees only (as per fee structure) paid to the institute. Application for refund beyond this period will not be entertained.
  • 3. The remaining 20% of the tuition fee will be retained by the institute on account of administrative charges and expenses incurred by the institute in the entire process.
  • 4. Registration fee and Admission fee is non-refundable.
  • 5. The caution deposit will be refunded after the candidate passes out from the institution and no due certificate is issued to him by the accounts officer for any liability against him/her.


All the students and their guardians are advised to read the disclosure and legal aspects (mentioned below) carefully and understand the content clearly. JRN Institute of Aviation Technology, 414/2, Rani Khera More, Mundka, Delhi-110 041 (hereinafter singularly referred as the ‘Institute’). It is however, clarified that the ‘Institute’ individually, in no manner, will lose its independence vis-a-vis other ‘Institutes’ and accordingly retain their right to take independent decisions on all matters including administrative and financial matters. The ‘Institute’ is running “Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course” (hereinafter referred as AME Course) approved by Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India (hereinafter referred as ‘DGCA’). The said AME course is being run in accordance with the rules & regulations made by DGCA and other lawful Authorities. Within the permitted periphery of law, ‘Institute’ have authority to change curriculum (as per DGCA directive), course structure and rules relating to Administration, Admission, Examination, Fee Structure, Placement, Scholarship and all other associated matters. Such changes would be binding on all concerned.


  • 1. The information given is an indication of the Institute’s plan on the date of publication of these documents and details may be modified from time to time for academic, regulatory and operational reasons, and accordingly the document does not constitute an agreement.
  • 2. Prospectus may contain forward looking statements like, but not limited to, general market, macroeconomic, governmental and regulator trends, technological developments, legislative developments, scope for further studies, career opportunities for AMEs, such forward looking statements contained herein are subject to certain risk and uncertainties that could case actual results to differ materially from those reflected in the forward looking statements. In such an event, ‘Institutes’ will not be responsible in any manner.

Conduct & Discipline Rules

  • 1. Students are to ensure that during the college hours (i.e, teaching & training hours), proper dress code (uniform), prescribed by the Institute, is to be maintained, failing which students may not be permitted to attend classes or training programs or any other activity run by he Institute. The students are further supposed to carry and display the Identity Card issued by the Institute whenever asked.
  • 2. Alcoholic and psychoactive substances (Alcohol. Any form of tobacco, guthka & other similar products) are strictly prohibited in the institute premises.
  • 3. At the time of admission, parents should clearly mention, in a separate application, the name/s (and relation) of the person/s or Local Guardian to whom the institute may contact in case of emergency.
  • 4. Students should behave in an orderly, disciplined and decent manner in the institute campus, hostel premises and public places.
  • 5. Students should not indulge themselves in any anti-national, anti-government or anti social activity, including ragging, and if any students is found indulging in any such activity or activities, his/her admission would be immediately terminated and appropriate Govt. authority will be informed in this regard as per the applicable law for necessary action, and the institute will not bear any responsibility thereafter.
  • 6. As per the directive of Honorable Supreme Court of India, ‘Ragging’ is strictly prohibited within and outside of the premises of the institute. A healthy relationship is desirable among the students.
  • 7. Usage of mobile phone is prohibited in the class room, practical shop and during the office hours of the institutes. If found guilty, the offenders mobile will be confiscated by the authority.
  • 8. Students are ensure that tuition fee is paid on or before due date prescribed by the institute, falling which, for the first 60 days, a fine of Rs 200 per day would be imposed and after 60 days, it would be charged @ Rs 500 per day till the date of payment.
  • 9. If students are involved in any kind of damage or loss of institute’s property, they will be responsible for the repair/replacement. Students admitted to the institute should strictly follow the rules and regulations of the institute which may be amended from time to time by the management. Further, decision of the management will be final relating to the institute, course and students activities and shall be binding on the students.
  • 10. All disputes are subject to respective jurisdiction of Delhi courts for JRN Institute of Aviation Technology, New Delhi. These rules are to be followed by every student on mandatory basis. No deviation will be tolerated under any circumstances and penalty may result even up to termination from the institute. If found guilty, parents will be informed who might n